Instructions for Fingerprinting Your Child

By following these simple instructions you can record your child's fingerprints using the following materials found in your Child ID Kit:

1)  A finger print card with spaces designated for each finger print.
2)  An ink strip 

Open the plastic envelope and remove all contents. 

Before uncovering the ink strip, a little initial practice will ensure that the prints applied will be both accurate and readable. 

Take your child's hands and lightly press each finger onto a flat surface. 

Do not press too hard.  Do not roll the fingers.  Doing so could result in smudged prints.

Practice a few times, using both hands, until you and your child feel comfortable with the process.

Before taking the prints, have your child wash and dry his/her hands.

Open the Child ID Kit and place it on a clean, flat surface. Uncover the ink strip by pulling the two halves open. 

Working with one hand at a time, press each finger lightly but firmly on the ink strip.  Then press each finger lightly but firmly in the designated spaces on the finger print card.

It's easier to begin with the index finger and then follow with the other three fingers.

You'll have to turn the card a bit to transfer the thumb prints.

When you've finished transferring prints from both hands, a good soap and water wash will remove the ink from your child's hands.

The ink strip can now be discarded.

Be sure to let the ink dry thoroughly before refolding and returning the Child ID Kit to the plastic envelope. 

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