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​                                                                Instructions for Collecting Your Child's Buccal Cells

Collecting buccal cells (DNA), which line the inside of our cheeks, is another way to gather and store personal information about your child.

First of all, your child should not eat, drink, chew gum, or brush their teeth for at least 30 minutes before collecting the cells.
Your  Child ID Kit contains the two things needed to collect your child's buccal cells:
1)  A sterile cotton swab.
2)  A small envelope containing a card with a circle of FTA paper which will store your child's DNA sample. 


Remove the DNA sample card from the small envelope and write your child's name and current date in the space provided.

Open the flap to expose the small circle containing the white FTA paper. NOTE: Some FTA spots may, or may not, have letters, lines or numbers.  These will not affect the DNA sample.


Carefully tear off one end of the swab envelope and remove the swab.  DO NOT TOUCH THE COTTON END OF THE SWAB.  Save the paper carrier.

Insert the cotton tip of the swab inside your child's mouth.  Do not touch teeth, tongue or gums.

Firmly but gently rub, swirl and press the swab against the middle of the cheek.  About ten times in each cheek.

Then press the cotton swab in a side to side motion onto the circle of FTA paper to completely saturate the sample area. 

Finally, to avoid contamination, move the swab and the DNA sample to a place well out of reach of inquisitive little hands. Allow both to completely air dry, about an hour or so at room temperature.

Return the dry swab to its paper carrier.

Close the dry DNA sample card and return it to the small envelope.  Seal the envelope to prohibit future contamination.

Write the date and your child's name on the outside of the envelope.

Return the DNA envelope and the swab envelope to the Child ID Kit and file it in a safe, secure, room temperature place, .... never in the refrigerator or freezer.

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